Credit: Stacy Keibler on Instagram

Stacy Keibler is about a month away from giving birth to her first child, not that you’d know by looking at her. This momma-to-be looks amazingly fit! The 34-year-old former WWE wrestler is expecting a baby girl with husband Jared Pobre, and she recently dished her fitness secrets with online beauty magazine Byrdie. So how does this pregnant starlet stay in shape? 

Credit: Stacy Keibler on Instagram

For starters, Stacy reveals that since becoming pregnant, she had to opt out of her normal workout regime. “I make sure I only do low impact moves and cardio,” she says. “I do a lot of walking and hiking. It helps to keep my lower body (calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes) toned. The key is moderation and a happy medium.”

So what’s her go-to pregnancy workout? Stacy says pilates helps her keep all the WWE wrestling strength in check. “Pilates is my strength training,” she reveals. “My teacher, Nonna Gleyzer, is always changing the resistance of the springs so my body stays challenged.”

Sounds like this mom-to-be is fit to welcome in her latest addition! In fact, she and Jared already have everything prepared for their new baby. “We’re completely ready to go. We’re just sitting around waiting now,” Stacy previously told People. Consider us officially on baby watch!

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