Chris Brown is out of rehab and headed for a cell. The R&B artist — who has become much better known for his legal problems and his tumultuous relationship with Rihanna than his music — was reportedly kicked out of the inpatient program where he’s been staying for the past four months. Due to a judge’s conditional sentencing during his last court hearing, Chris’s ousting means he’s headed to jail again.

At this point, Chris Brown going to either court or jail hardly sounds like news, but here’s a juicy bit of gossip that definitely caught our attention: The “Love More” singer apparently was engaged in “an inappropriate relationship” with a female worker at the facility earlier this month, though TMZ sources say that’s not the reason he was kicked out today. Sounds like a pretty tough place to get kicked out of if that’s true!

So far nobody seems to know much other than what he didn’t do. The singer supposedly didn’t get the boot for violence or drug use (or, apparently, fraternizing with the staff).

What is for certain, though, is that Chris will have plenty of time to think about it. Currently in the custody of the fine men and women of the  L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, Chris is being sent straight to jail, per the judge’s orders.

Source: TMZ

Credit: NDN Photo: Chris Brown Kicked Out of Rehab After Hookup (VIDEO)