Daniel Radcliffe to Check Into Rehab For WHAT?! — Report (VIDEO)

Credit: AOL

Daniel Radcliffe is preparing to check himself into rehab, a move that’s seriously going to hurt Gryffindor's chances at winning this year’s House Cup. Think we’re being a touch insensitive? Well, don’t get your broomsticks in a bundle; Daniel’s checked in to combat smoking cigarettes, a welcome change of pace in a world where cocaine and heroin seem to be the drugs du jour of many a celeb.

The Daily Star reports the 24-year-old actor lights up about 20 times a day but now wants to put his tobacco ways behind him. He’s seeking support at a smoking treatment center in his latest attempt to kick the habit. Dan supposedly already tried hypnotherapy and e-cigarettes without much success so now he’s calling in the big guns.

“It will be a kind of residential treatment program, involving counselling, both individual and group, stress management, and herbal treatments to help withdrawal symptoms,” insiders tell The Daily Star, which, granted, isn’t exactly the most reputable of sources. Still, there’s no doubting what the outlet’s sources had to say about Daniel’s previous addiction issues: “He’s been open in the past about his drinking demons. Thankfully he managed to kick the bottle.”

Now let’s hope cigarettes go the same way as booze!

Source: The Daily Star

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