Walks of shame generally fall under the That Awkward Moment category, but Zac Efron seemed cool and collected as he left Michelle Rodriguez's house on July 20 — the day after a night spent "out and about" with the Fast & Furious actress, as a source tells Us Weekly.

The 26-year-old Neighbors hunk wore blue jeans, a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a brown jacket emblazoned with a tiger as he carried a small suitcase and a skateboard to his car. Homeboy travels in style!

Neither Zac nor Michelle has commented on their rumored relationship, but they have spent a lot of time together in recent weeks. They hung out with a much older billionaire in Italy earlier this month, and then were spotted snogging on a boat not long after (without the much older billionaire).

“Zac and Michelle have great chemistry,” another source reveals to Us. “They have a lot to talk about, a lot in common. They’re having fun, and it’s deeper than a friends with benefits situation. I don’t know what their long-term plans are, but they’re close, and I think they’ll make effort to spend more time with each other over the coming months.”

Uh, sorry 'bout that, Cara Delevingne.

Source: Us Weekly

Credit: NDN Photo: Zac Efron's Sexy Sleepover With Michelle Rodriguez (VIDEO)
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