Charlize Theron and Sean Penn may have only been dating for six months, but are they already ready to tie the knot? We now have new reason to believe that Sean’s already popped the question in the form of some hard to deny evidence: A ring. On that finger.

Paparazzi photos taken of Charlize at the Los Angeles airport show what could be an engagement ring on her left hand, and being that she and Sean are obviously in a serious relationship, it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that they’re engaged.

According to People, friends close to the stars say that taking their friendship to the next level has worked out pretty well for them so far. Despite their initial doubts, the transition has been flawless.

“[Charlize] likes guys with more substance,” an insider says. “She finds Sean very charming and he makes her laugh. She definitely has him wrapped around her finger.”

And the more their relationship heats up, the more rumors spark about what’s really going on behind closed doors. According to previous reports, the couple may be planning to wed this summer and adopt a child together. That’s moving pretty fast — even for people who have been friends for 18 years.

If Charlize and Sean are engaged, this will be Charlize’s first marriage and Sean’s third.

So what do you think — Are Charlize and Sean engaged, or is Charlize just accessorizing, no strings attached?


Credit: NDN Photo: Sean Penn and Charlize Theron Engaged? (VIDEO)