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s Kaley Cuoco’s wedding date sooner than we imagined? Judging from the flurry of Instagram pics from Kaley and her best girls, we’d say the recently engaged Big Bang Theory star had her bachelorette party this weekend! And you know what comes soon after a bachelorette weekend, don’t you? Well, hopefully a lifetime of un-bachelorettehood.

But was this a bachelorette party? Let’s review the evidence.

In one photo tweeted by Kaley’s sister-from-another-mister Amy Davidson (the two were fictional siblings on 8 Simple Rules), the recently affianced Kaley is wearing a shirt bedazzled with “Bride” and what looks to be some sort of poofy headgear. Pretty solid evidence of a bachelorette party, wouldn’t you say?

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Meanwhile, Kaley’s actual sister, Briana Cuoco (who recently competed on the fifth season of The Voice) posted an Instagram collage depicting the whole gang lounging by the pool and sharing cocktails in comfy jammies. Sure, that could be just your run-of-the-mill girls weekend... or it could be the best hen party ever.

Kaley has already said she’s ready to marry her sweetie, Ryan Sweeting. “We’re still on our first date,” she told Ellen Degeneres in early November, shortly before engaging in a mock wedding for LOLs.

However, probably the strongest evidence against this girls weekend being the bachelorette weekend, Kaley is on the record as saying she’s too busy to plan a wedding right now. “"In a year we will start talking about it,” she told Us Weekly. “We are enjoying being engaged."

It’s certainly possible Kaley said that to throw us nosy parkers off the scent — or that she and Ryan have decided to forego the big shebang and just elope. However, it’s just as possible that Kaley and her gals were enjoying a fun weekend and Kaley simply digs wearing shirts that say “bride” on ‘em. We guess we’ll have to file this one under “inconclusive” for now!

Sources: Instagram, Twitter

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