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Looks like if George Clooney gets his way we could be seeing a President Clooney in the White House in the near future.

Radar Online is reporting that George, who is also a dedicated humanitarian activist, is hoping to make the shift into politics after he marries his lawyer fiance Amal Alamuddin in September.

“He has big ambitions and aims to get into politics immediately,” a Clooney insider said. “He hopes to join the Democrats’ 2016 election campaign.”

And it looks like George hopes to utilize his fiance as well. Amal is one of the U.K.’s top human rights attorneys and even represented WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

“Now [that] he has Amal by his side, it will give him more credibility to run for office,” the source added.

We all know George Clooney is passionate about politics — he was arrested at the Sundanese embassy in Washington D.C. In 2012 during a protest against Omar Al-Bashir, an alleged war criminal president.

But does he have what it takes to be President? We guess we’ll have to find out.

What do you think about George Clooney decision to venture into politics? Do you think he’d make a good leader in Washington, or should he just stick to playing politicians on the big screen? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Radar Online

Credit: NDN Photo: George Clooney Running For California Governor in 2018? (VIDEO)