The plans for the wedding we never expected to happen are slowly being laid down. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are reportedly interested in tying the knot in Italy and now, according to George’s aunt, they’re busy trying to nail down the rest of the details.

In fact, before they settled on Italy, they had a very different locale in mind: Cincinnati, which is close to where George’s family lives in Kentucky.

“I did hear Cincinnati, since it’s not that far from Kentucky — that’s one of the places they were considering — but apparently Cincinnati didn’t win. It’s not going to be the place,” George’s Aunt Starla told the Daily Mail. “I do know that [George’s parents] Nick and Nina are planning a trip over to Italy in the next week or so to, I guess, scope out some stuff.” And when it comes to the wedding party? Aunt Starla has a few well-placed guesses as to who George might choose. “I would say he’d choose Brad Pitt for his best man,” she said. “They are good friends, I would think that’s who he’d choose.”

Now that we’re over the shock that Clooney is, in fact, engaged, we’re ready to start moving this planning process along. We know there’s no chance at an E! wedding special here, but pictures? We will definitely get to see those. And if George and Amal decide to start a family once they’ve walked down the aisle, we may actually pass out from the thrill of it.

“I think his family are just glad he wants to get married,” family friend Ronnie French said. “I think his parents are pleased he’s finally settling down. He’s 53, 54 and he’s not getting any younger … If he’s going to be a father then I think it’s now or never.”

Source: Daily Mail

Credit: NDN Photo: George Clooney's Aunt Reveals Brad Pitt Will Be Best Man (VIDEO)