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I don't know about you, but Ed Sheeran's feeling pretty 22 right now — 22 with six stitches, a flat tire, a Gavin DeGraw karaoke story, and some interesting memories of Nashville ... trailer parks?

It sounds like one of those nights was had late Thursday, September 19 in Music City. The British singer first posted a photo of a crowded arena as part of Taylor Swift's tour, writing "Day #64 of the RED tour: Nashville!"

Credit: Instagram Photo: Ed Sheeran's bloody hand after he cut it on glass in Nashville

Later, Ed went to a karaoke bar and sang "I Don't Wanna Be" with singer Gavin DeGraw. So far, so good! But then, a source tells Us Weekly, while the two guys were hanging out, Ed cut his hand on some glass and had to go to the emergency room.

Ed posted a photo of his bloody hand, writing, "Oops." He shared another pic of the bandaged hand, thanking Nashville's "a&e" (accident and emergency) staff. Hopefully this does not affect his guitar-playing… But the night was not over. After that, Ed posted a pic of a car's flat tire, adding, "This night is epic.

He later updated that he had to get "6 stitches." He didn't explain what happened, but he and Taylor apparently talked about it on stage on Friday night during the next show. Taylor said it was a very Nashville injury. Ed said, "I was playing drums with two beer a trailer park." (!)

Maybe it's good that the tire was flat if they had been drinking enough to do crazy stunts like that. Next time he should just call us to be his designated drivers. We're here for you, Teddy!

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