In case you forgot, yesterday was Timberlake Tuesday. No, we did not make that up — it's a recurring series of sketches on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon featuring "Suit & Tie" singer Justin Timberlake.

Last week saw Justin and Jimmy recalling their childhood days staying up late at Camp Winnipesaukee. But in this week's installment, the comedic duo converse in hashtags.

"Hey, Justin! What's up?" Jimmy says, sitting down with Justin on a couch.

"Not much, Jimmy. #Chilling. What's up with you?" Justin replies.

"Just been busy working. #RiseAndGrind. #IsItFridayYet?"

Thus launches an uproarious, freewheeling, and rapid-fire conversation that uses hashtags to improbably link Duck Dynasty, Missy Elliot, Orange Is the New Black, Barney, Ray Romano, sexy ghosts, Italian Renaissance painters, bling, the Cookie Monster, the Ice Age, cavities, "We Can't Stop," and more oddball topics — all in the span of about 90 seconds.

Finally, fed up with the incessant hashtagging — including Justin reeling off "#LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL" — bandleader Questlove busts into the conversation and shuts it down in the most fitting way possible.

Check out the full video below, and tell us your thoughts in the comment section beneath — preferably using full sentences with proper spacing and zero number signs.

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