Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Chris Hemsworth

In Thor: The Dark World, Chris Hemsworth’s love interest is played by Natalie Portman — cute couple, right? Absolutely… if you’re not a film director who has to think about how to make their massive difference in height look totally natural when they kiss on screen.

But in Hollywood, anything’s possible, and during a Thursday night appearance on Conan, Chris, who measures in at 6’3 to Natalie’s 5’3, revealed the secret behind how they managed to tackle the height issue.

“There was one time when we kissed, she had to stand on a box,” Chris explained. “But this time, we had to be walking in the scene toward each other, and embrace and kiss.”

Yikes! Sounds tricky. So how they’d make that one work?

“They built a ramp,” Chris revealed. “It was a nice, gradual lift to the kiss. So she would walk up a ramp as we kissed.”

Um, we’d totally walk up a ramp if it meant we got to kiss Chris Hemsworth. Where do we sign up?

It must have worked pretty well, because Chris is an advocate.“Everyone should get one,” he said.

Source: Team Coco