Credit: Lady Gaga on Twitter Photo: Lady Gaga Shows Off ARTPOP Cover

Today’s the day Lady Gaga’s latest release, the highly anticipated ARTPOP, drops, and last night, she celebrated the only way she knows how: by throwing an elaborate event at Brooklyn Navy Yard that, according to Rolling Stone, was equal parts concert and museum.

Performing several songs off her new album, Gaga also displayed several works of artist Jeff Koons, the man responsible for the sculpture that appears on the ARTPOP cover.

And while Miley Cyrus was at the MTV EMAs smoking a joint on stage, Lady Gaga was in Brooklyn, doing the exact opposite — imploring her little monsters to avoid making the same mistakes she did with substance abuse.

“One of the hardest things that I ever had to give up was drugs and alcohol,” Lady Gaga revealed to her fans. “I still have a real hard time with it, but I wanted to say something about it tonight because I’ve watched too many great artists, too many great friends, go because of those two things.”

And although Gaga’s outfits may tell another story, her success has come to her all because she was sober.

“I want tonight to be a change,” she said. “I do not have to be high to be creative. I do  not have to be drunk to have a good idea. I can sit with my thoughts and not feel crazy. I can do it without the dope.”

Upon her exit, Gaga invited her fans to stay and enjoy the art — ”and more importantly spread as much love as you can between one another.”

Source: Rolling Stone