Miley Cyrus just can't stop fascinating us. And apparently, Barbara Walters agrees.

Barbara has announced nine of the ten celebrities who have made her annual list of the ten most fascinating people of 2013, according to Vulture. 

Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram

The list — which is actually Barbara's last list ever — doesn't include too many surprises, as it names Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West. And what would a round-up of 2013 be without the ubiquitous Mi-Cy and Kimye?

Also making the list is Prince George, the newly arrived offspring of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Apparently, you can be a baby who doesn't know where he is and still fascinate an entire country. Well done, George.

Recent Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence is on the list as well, as are the stars of Duck Dynasty, Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts, and long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad. Serious news subjects Pope Francis and Edward Snowden round out the list. 

Many of these people have been acknowledged on Barbara's list in previous years. Miley did so in 2008, Kanye in 2005, and the entire Kardashian clan made the list in 2011.

But who will be the tenth person selected? We'll find out when the special airs on December 18 on ABC.