Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Photo: Paul Walker

Paul Walker’s unexpected death over the weekend was unarguably tragic, but according to his friend, Bill Townsend, Paul’s final hours were spent doing what he loved best: working with his charity, Reach Out Worldwide.

And although the day eventually came to an unimaginably devastating end, in the hours that led up to it, Paul was surrounded by friends and “overwhelmed” by their support.

“He had been so happy,” Bill told E! News. “He was there at the event and had managed to raise thousands and so many people had bought toys. So many people had come out to support the charity and he was with his friends. It was a great day for him. He was overwhelmed to have so much support.”

Bill described Paul as someone who put “everything he could” into his charity, which provides first aid after major natural disasters and was collecting toys at the event for children affected by those disasters. Next, Bill said Paul was looking forward to providing help to the Philippines.

“He was a fantastic man,” Bill added.

Bill was just leaving the event when he saw the fiery crash as he drove by.

“I saw the fire engines and saw the smoke and I had a horrible feeling that something terrible had happened,” Bill said. “But I never would have thought it was Paul.”

Source: E! Online