Credit: Instagram Photo: Ed Sheeran and Jennifer Aniston

However awesome you think your Thanksgiving was, we can assure you it was not nearly as awesome as Ed Sheeran’s.

Don’t believe us? Listen to this: not only did Ed celebrate his first Thanksgiving at Courteney Cox’s house, but he then left to crash Jennifer Aniston’s holiday get-together. Ed, can we please have your life?

“Courteney set up like a PA system and I did a show there,” Ed told E! Online of his first stop that night. “It was very random. One of my all time favorite actors and comedians, Sacha Baron Cohen, was there and we ended up jamming and he like a rap in Arabic and stuff. It was very funny."

From there, he hit the studio before heading to Jen’s for Thanksgiving number two. How’d that happen?

I called up my friend," Ed explained. "He was like, 'I'm at Jen's house and we're just having a chill hang so I was like, 'OK.' Then I turned up…and they're having a proper Thanksgiving meal and I'm there and I think I was wearing my board shorts or something. It was fun."

Now for the real question: did Courteney make Ed participate in The Geller Bowl? We can dream.

So now that Ed’s had a taste of an American Thanksgiving, what’s the verdict?

“I like Thanksgiving,” he said. “It’s an excuse to spend time with your family and I think that’s important.”

And the food doesn’t hurt, either.

Source: E! Online