The creature around Gillian Anderson's neck in this photo looks like an alien from the show that made her famous — the '90s cult classic The X-Files — but it's actually found right here on planet Earth. That's a conger eel, and Gillian is posing topless with it for a good cause.

The 46-year-old British beauty toted the slimy fish as part of Fishlove's campaign to use shocking images like this one to "raise awareness of the unsustainable fishing practices that are destroying the the earth's marine ecosystem."

In this case, Fishlove is teaming up with BLOOM Association on a petition that supports European Parliament members trying to protect deep-sea habitats from destructive fishing methods.

"Amazing animals that live in the deep ocean are being systematically destroyed by massive fishing nets that catch or crush everything in their path," the petition states.

Meanwhile, while she's not wearing sea serpents like feather boas, Gillian is filming her starring role in NBC's midseason drama Crisis and also recently wowed audiences opposite Fifty Shades hunk Jamie Dornan in the Irish-British crime drama The Fall (currently on Netflix).

Would you ever be so bold as to pose topless at 46? What about holding a conger? Let us know below.

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