Credit: Giovanni/ Splash News

Movember may be over, but Joe Jonas doesn’t care. While out on a jog this week, the former boy-bander revealed a drastic new look: a Tom Selleck-esque mustache. Though Joe has played with facial hair in the past, this might be the bushiest ‘stache we’ve seen on a pop star … ever?

On one hand, we’ve got to hand it to the guy — we didn’t think he had it in him! It takes a strong man to both grow and rock something that bold on his face. But, at this point, we shouldn’t be surprised that Joe likes to make a statement with his facial hair. This is the guy who spilled his guts about everything from losing his virginity to his past drug use in an interview with New York Magazine earlier this week. If you’ve got the nerve to call out Disney, going full pornstache is a walk in the park.

But clearly Joe is looking for a change, having just called it quits with his band of brothers and announced a forthcoming solo career. Maybe this new look is what he needs to tap into his musical creativity. Hey Joe, if you want to move to Brooklyn and start an indie-pop band, we wouldn’t hate it. Plus, if your model girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler is cool with the ‘stache, who cares what we think!

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