Credit: Women's Health, via ET Canada Photo: Evangeline Lilly's 2014 Women's Health Cover

Sawyer would love it, Kate!

Lost alum Evangeline Lilly is making the media rounds to promote The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug but she’s also commenting on her Women’s Health Magazine cover. It’s a little sexier than she anticipated.

“Every time you go to do a new photo shoot, you sort of lay down the ground rules," she told ET Canada. "You explain the kind of image that you want portrayed of yourself, and I don’t know too many women who would approach a women’s magazine and say, ‘The image I’m hoping for is a rear end shot with my butt hanging out of some short shorts.’”

She was aiming for something a little classier and more approachable to women, not a booty shot like in a men’s magazine, because that’s not what female readers would be wanting anyway. She did say it was a nice compliment, it just “felt like the wrong thing in the wrong place.”

Evangeline — who is now 34 and mother of a 2-year-old son — reiterated that position earlier this week on Conan O’Brien’s show, when he brought out the magazine. “Do you think I would have done the shoot if they said, ‘Oh, by the way, we’re gonna say ‘Best Butt Ever!’ and put a big arrow to your behind?’” she asked Conan (via People). “You know, every woman is after a kind of classy image, I didn’t want T&A on my cover. It’s a women’s magazine, not Maxim.”

Well, we definitely know where she stands on it. Good for her for aiming to set a higher standard for a women’s health magazine than sexy booty shots. She knows she’s in a position to be a role model and she seems to be taking it seriously. And back in 2009, when she was previously on this magazine's cover, she had a more standard beauty shot, nothing revealing. She was probably hoping for something like that again.

That said, why did she pose this way if it made her uncomfortable? She had to know this outfit and this pose, which were apparently not her ideas, would be up for consideration for usage inside the magazine or on the cover.

Maybe next time she won’t just speak out after the fact, she’ll walk out if they push her to do something too sexy and the message will be even stronger.

Sources: ET Canada, People

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