Credit: Josh Duhamel on Instagram Photo: Josh Duhamel and Axl Jack in October 2013

The first Christmas for new parents is really a warm-up act for the good stuff to come.

Singer Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel are the proud parents of Axl, who is only 3-months-old and not really aware of the awesomeness of this holiday. But he'll get there — and dad can't wait.

"I'm loving it," Josh told E! News of his first Christmas with his son. "I look forward to many more. I can't wait for him to tear through gifts. It won't be this year."

Credit: Instagram Photo: Josh Duhamel Shared This Photo of Son Axl on November 18, 2013

He said they have pretty simple plans for this year's Christmas. "I like it that way. We're home, just family around here. My mother is out here right now. My sister is coming out next week. Other than that we're just going to stick around here. Keep it nice and simple."

Josh said he and Fergie think their son is a "genius," like most parents. "He's rolling over and smiling," Josh said. "He's a sturdy little kid now, he's not so much of a blob anymore. He's progressing as he should." Ha! No more blob.

E! asked if Axl looks more like Fergie or Josh. He thought Fergie, but he whipped out his phone to show a picture to get E!'s take. He just wanted to show off his baby!

The whole conversation happened at the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies luncheon in Beverly Hills and you can read E!'s story for more about that event — as well as to see the video where he flashes the baby photo. So cute!

Source: E! News

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