Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Photo: Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has obviously never been a friend to the paparazzi, but when it comes to his kids, everybody better watch out!

In a new interview with Playboy, Ben speaks out about his ongoing battle with the paps, and how being a father has made him like them even less.

You can say what you want about me. You can yell at me with a video camera and be TMZ. You can follow me around and take pictures all you want. I don’t care,” Ben tells the mag. “But it’s wrong and disgusting to follow children around and take their picture and sell it for money.”

We agree. Sure, we can take selfies all day long, but being bombarded by dozens of strangers with cameras all the time would have been super scary as a kid! And that’s something Ben, his wife Jennifer Garner, and their three children know firsthand.

“They used to take pictures of our children coming out of preschool, and so this stalker who had threatened to kill me, my wife and our kids showed up at the school and got arrested,” Ben reveals. “I mean, there are real practical dangers to this.”

“As their father it’s my job to protect them from that stuff,” Ben says. “I try my very best, and sometimes I’m successful.”

In the past, Ben’s been known to defend himself and his kids when the paparazzi are nearby — like the time he swung his leg to indicate how far away they needed to be when they scared his daughter, Seraphina, on the way to school earlier this year.

Take note, paparazzi: Daddy Affleck is not messing around!

Source: Playboy