Rebecca Black is back with a brand new song that’s totally about to get stuck in your head. And the song? It’s called “Saturday” — what else?

In the song featuring YouTube’s Dave Days, Rebecca takes on the day that comes after Friday with a song we’re ashamed to admit we listened to more than once… and kind of liked? But seriously, hear us out — you’ll probably love Rebecca too after you see the video.

The song’s catchy, but we feel like the video really makes it… especially Rebecca’s many references to the song that put the spotlight on her in 2011, “Friday.” When Rebecca picks up her cereal in the beginning of the video, the bowl has “gotta have my bowl” written on it. Um, perfect? There’s also plenty of riding in convertibles, too, in case you were a fan of the epic “which seat do I take?” debacle. Spoiler alert: she’s in the backseat behind the driver.

And in the background of the party going on? A Miley Cyrus lookalike, twerking with her tongue out.

The video already has over 8 million views, but it’s got a long way to go before it beats the 61 million “Friday” has brought in over the past two years!

We like the video, but we’ll let you be the judge — awesome or no? Let us know what you’re thinking below!

Source: YouTube