Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Tom Cruise Arrives at the Super 8 Premiere on June 8, 2011

Tom Cruise and the word “Scientology” are practically synonymous — since he first became a part of the religion, he’s promoted it at every opportunity. He’s become so wrapped up in it, in fact, that it may have played a major role in his divorce from Katie Holmes.

And nobody knows it better than his former publicist, Pat Kingsley. In fact, during her time spent working with Tom, she probably heard enough about Scientology to fill a book — try as she might to get him to lay off a little.

“I did have that conversation with Tom, about cooling it,” Pat told The Hollywood Reporter. Scientology is fine. You want to do a tour for Scientology? Do a tour for Scientology. But Warner Bros. is sponsoring this tour.' That was for The Last Samurai. He didn't say yes or no, except he did not discuss Scientology on that European tour."

And the one time Scientology reps tried to get in Pat’s way, she held her ground. “"I felt that they were involved in a story that I was doing on Tom, and I said: 'It's not your story, it's Tom's. You have to step aside,'" she said. "And they did."

But now that she and Tom have parted ways after over ten years of working together, Pat’s got nothing but nice things to say about him.

“I liked the fact that he was so much fun,” Pat said. “And he was so thoughtful. He remembered birthdays, my daughter's birthday. He came to her wedding; she was registered somewhere for the china, and he bought out everything.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter