Credit: Joe Jonas on Instagram

Thought Joe Jonas’s new 1970s film star mustache was disturbing? You haven’t seen anything yet. The recently retired boy bander debuted a new look via his Instagram and it comes complete with bad comb-over and adorable feline companion.

It's getting cold. Cuddle up with a kitten,” Joe captions a photo of himself wearing a holiday-esque turtleneck and cradling a Santa hat-wearing cat. It be a fairly harmless visual if it wasn’t for 1) the giant blown-up version of the cat hovering over Joe’s right shoulder and 2) the 24-year-old’s severe balding.

Is this a glimpse into Joe’s future? He does likely have a lot more free time on his hands now that he’s stepped down from his musical duties as a Jonas Brother.

Sure, he’s got other projects in the hopper and a beautiful girlfriend to occupy his time but after the fast-paced lifestyle the former child star has been living for the better part of a decade, his post-band life has to seem fairly subdued. Now’s the perfect time to take up knitting and cat adoption, no? We know he’s already dabbling in nonfiction writing.

For our part, we’d take bald Joe Jonas hanging with holiday loving kittens over Joe Jonas in rehab any day.

Source: Joe Jonas on Instagram

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