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Thought Gatsby was great? You haven’t seen anything yet. Leonardo DiCaprio takes on some very adult scenes in his upcoming film, The Wolf of Wall Street, and the Hollywood heartthrob says what you see on screen is the real deal.

“It was all me, pal. It was all me,” Leo tells Extra. “All the flopping around, everything, it was all me!”

We have a hard time imagining anything on Leo “flopping around.” Guess we’ll just have to watch Wolf of Wall Street on our own to, you know, double-check.

In his latest collaboration with director Martin Scorsese, Leo stars as fast-living stockbroker Jordan Belfort in a film Deadline reports is “the hardest R … ever seen from a major Hollywood studio.”

Among the expected hedonism are two orgies, a blizzard’s worth of cocaine, and some full-frontal nudity. Also, a bit Leo would only refer to as “the candle scene.” (Further research reveals Leo’s a long way from that one steamy part in Titanic.)

As for how the 39-year-old actor felt about the NC-17 worthy scenes, he explains, “Look, when you do a character like this, you have to go all-out. We can’t pull any punches and you have to just, you know, swing for the fences, so hopefully people enjoy it.”

Check out all the Leo-fueled action for yourself when The Wolf of Wall Street hits theaters on Christmas Day.

Sources: Extra, Deadline

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