Credit: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images Photo: Lorde on December 6, 2013, in Los Angeles

Lorde has taken the world by storm since the release of her first single, “Royals,” which has already earned her four Grammy nominations — not too shabby for a 17-year-old fresh on the music scene. But despite the fact that she’s the new kid in school, Lorde’s been quick to criticize her popstar peers, like “Come and Get It” singer Selena Gomez, over the ways they’ve chosen to shape their careers.

And now, Lorde’s setting the record straight on what she really thinks about the music industry — and about being labeled a pop star.

“I’m a pop princess at heart,” Lorde admitted in a recent interview with The New York Times. “Pop is about distilling what you want to say and making it easy. And the way I write isn’t about making it easy. It’s a weird juxtaposition.”

There’s little about the New Zealand teenager that isn’t impressive — whether it’s her wise-beyond-her-years lyrics or the fact that she just used the word “juxtaposition.” Lorde owes it to the fact that she knows exactly what she wants for her music and isn’t willing to settle for less… even if it means more money.

“I would like to think that my public persona comes naturally to me and isn’t that dissimilar to my real way of doing things,” she said. “I’ve turned down easily tens of millions of dollars doing what I do and saying no to things that I think are corny.”

And although she’s willing to acknowledge that she is a part of the pop world now, there are certain boundaries she has to set up that cannot be crossed.

“The phrase ‘teen hottie’ literally makes me want to throw up,” she added.

Source: The New York Times