How do you say “overshare” en español? Because recently single Enrique Iglesias definitely stepped into TMI territory during his latest interview, where he went into way too much detail about the situation he’s got going on in his underpants.

Asked about his extracurricular activities by lifestyle site Gilt City Miami (via Page Six), Enrique confessed he enjoys skinny-dipping... but only "if there are no paparazzi around.” When pressed to reveal his favorite places to drop trou, Anna Kournikova’s ex responded, “I’m not going to tell you because it would ruin my career.” Oh why is that (asked no one)? “There’s not a lot to show off.” #sadtrombone

We’re pretty sure he could have gotten off with a simple “I’d like to maintain my privacy,” but Enrique instead said... that. But what’s more, he went even deeper into explanation of his body image issues later.

The interviewer asked what his best trait and worst defect are, inciting the “Hero” singer to again bring up the subject of his below-the-belt sitch. “My worst defect is from my waist down. I’m sorry, no, it’s not my worst defect... but it is a little curved.”

We admire your candor, Enrique. Now stop, okay?

Source: Gilt City Miami (via Page Six)