Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Photo: Pete Wentz and Son, Bronx, May 4, 2013

Pete Wentz and his girlfriend, model Meagan Camper, have been together for almost three years, and earlier this month, ex-wife Ashlee Simpson announced her engagement to Evan Ross. So is a second marriage in the cards for the Fall Out Boy frontman, too?

“It’s insane that she hangs out with me,” Pete said of Meagan when he appeared on Wendy Williams Tuesday. “I feel like, ‘hot girl pictured with homeless man trying to beg her for change.’ This is like charity work here.”

We’ve got a feeling Meagan doesn’t share that sentiment, though — and Pete obviously knows how lucky he is to be in such a good relationship. So is he willing to make their relationship a permanent one?

“I think so. I mean, we talk about it a lot,” Pete revealed. “I feel really lucky. It’s, like, really interesting [to be] in a relationship with someone who is truly my best friend. Like, I talk to her about everything. She will tell me when I’m being not so insane, and sometimes she’s like, ‘You’re being a little bit insane.’ It’s very helpful.”

Sounds helpful! And speaking of insane, it sounds like Pete’s 5-year-old son with Ashlee, Bronx, thinks Dad is little crazy for having so many tattoos, even if he is hosting a show, Best Ink, all about them.

“I take him to preschool, and I’m picking him up one day, and his teacher was like, ‘Well, everyone here drew tattoos on themselves except your kid,’” Pete shared. “And I was like, ‘He’ll probably be into math or something like that.’”

Atta boy, Bronx! We like a man who can make his own decisions.

Source: Wendy Williams via Us Weekly