As Emma Watson continues to receive a flood of movie offers, the Harry Potter alum appears to have chosen her next project.

The 23-year-old beauty is currently on hiatus from acting as she completes her English degree at Brown University. Once she graduates in May 2014, she is set to film a new thriller, Regression. Ethan Hawke — hotter than ever following the surprise success of The Purge  will co-star. 

The film is about a father who is accused of a crime that he doesn't remember committing. It will be directed by the writer-director of the 2001 Nicole Kidman flick The Others and sounds like a blend of the 2003 Halle Berry starrer Gothika and '90s classic The Fugitive.  

Emma has opted for a diverse slate of films of late. She starred in 2012's acclaimed drama The Perks of Being a Wallflower and appeared in two big movies last year, teen crime film The Bling Ring and post-apocalyptic comedy This Is the End. She'll next be seen in another movie that's sort of about the end of the world but definitely isn't a comedy: the biblical flood film Noah, which hits theaters in March.

We love the idea of Emma starring in a thriller, which she has yet to attempt. We just hope that this film does better than Ethan Hawke's last movie, 2013's Getaway, which — despite starring another in-demand starlet, Selena Gomez — only grossed $10 million and made a quick getaway from theaters.  

Does Regression sound like a movie you want to see? 

Source: Deadline