Colin Farrell is one of the sexiest men to ever grace the big screen — there’s no doubt about it. With his rugged good looks and swoon-worthy Irish accent, you would never assume that this ladies man would ever have a problem in the bedroom. But ever since he made the decision to be sober eight years ago, Colin says there has been quite an adjustment.

“I made love to a woman about two and a half years after I got clean, and it was one of the most terrifying moments of my life,” Colin tells Elle. “It was in the afternoon. The windows and the curtains were open. It was lovely, and, to be crass, it wasn’t f—king. She was very gentle. But it was terrifying. Because I was just used to drunkenness and dark rooms and clubs and toilets and wherever.”

Colin has come a long way since his huge life decision, but he does admit that he had many reservations about making that choice — once again concerning the ladies.

“I worried I wouldn’t be able to talk, full stop,” the Winter’s Tale actor says about his worries about even talking to a woman, let alone getting busy with one. “I hadn’t uttered a word sober in about 15 years.”

But it sounds like being sober is definitely agreeing with Colin and his prospects at love. He says he “very much” believes in monogamy and says a potential love doesn’t even need to like his movies to win him over.

“I needed to learn to love myself while not loving my movies,” he says. “I would never hold that against anyone.”

Get in line, ladies!

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Source: Elle via E! Online

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