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There’s nothing we love more than hearing celebs reveal love stories from their past, and who knew we were in for such a juicy one when Melissa Joan Hart recently spoke to E!’s Giuliana Rancic. We knew that she and Sabrina the Teenage Witch co-star Ryan Reynolds made out when they were teens and that “his lips were pretty wonderful” — but now she’s dishing more details about their relationship!

“He was this cute kid who was just kinda goofy around me,” Melissa reveals in the video on “I had a very serious boyfriend at the time, but Ryan gave me a lot of great attention, which was really sweet and really warm.”

Um, he sounds like a winner to us. And let’s not forget that Ryan has been pretty swoon-worthy for pretty much his entire life, so we don’t blame her for giving him that attention right back.

“And we had a lot of fun together,” she dished. “At the end of, like, six weeks in Vancouver, he presented me with this gift and he ran out of my trailer. I opened it and it was a beautiful watch. I had never been given anything sparkly like that before. So I chased him down and got in front of his car and I just kissed him — and then made out with him all night and had to call my boyfriend the next day and explain it.”

Bow chica wow wow, girl. This sounds like a scene out of some awesome teen movie that we would definitely watch over and over again. But how did it all end up?

“I think he wanted something more, but I decided I was going to stick with my boyfriend,” Melissa said, wrapping up the torrid love story.

Dang girl, way to let a dude down lightly. At least there was that one magical night of making out.


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