Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Photo: Matt Damon

Ever dreamed of having the chance to be a part of the legendary bromance that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon share? Now’s your time to shine: the famous BFF duo is offering up the opportunity to hang with them to raise money for their charities, the Eastern Congo Initiative and

In a hilariously adorable video Matt and Ben made to promote the contest, they spill all the details. All it takes is a $10 donation to support both causes, which enters you for a chance to win a trip to LA including but not limited to attending a Hollywood event with the guys.

Here. Take our money. You can have all of it.

“It’ll be like a best friend double date,” Ben says, before Matt adds, “Be like us hangin’ out, taking selfies, talking about how, like, the Sox are gonna do.”

“Or if you have more sophisticated interests, we could talk about 19th century literature or the current state of politics in the middle east,” Ben offers.

“Or if you don’t want to have the sh—t bored out of you by Ben, we could maybe switch it around and ask you some questions,” Matt counteroffers. “Like where you’re from, what are you into, if you’ve got any pets.”

If you want to enter the contest, you can visit (or, whichever works for you).

Check out the video below, and then open up your wallets. You know you want to.