Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images Photo: Lorde Slams Selena Gomez

It wasn’t so long ago that we had no idea who Lorde was, and now, the 17-year-old New Zealander is in steady rotation on the radio and taking home Grammys. So how is she taking it now that everyone is suddenly listening to what she has to say? If we had to answer, like a pro.

“It’s a fine line between being a role model and preaching to people,” Lorde told Vogue in the March 2014 issue. “I never want to tell anyone how they should be, especially not someone my age. But, that being said, I’m conscious of the fact that people my age are reading what I say and listening to what I say, and that’s cool — particularly for the girls who are into what I do.”

And while she might understand now how powerful music can be in communication, it wasn’t until she was working on her album that she fully grasped the opportunity she had to say something meaningful — much like her mother, who’s a poet.

“It wasn’t until I had vocal lessons, when I was thirteen or fourteen, that singing really became kind of a tool, and something I could use to get across what I was feeling,” Lorde said. “Before then, the things that I had taught myself to do with my throat were instinctive, and stuff that I was mimicking from things that I had heard.”

Her next album, though, will have to come from a place other than one of struggling with being a teen who feels stuck in the place she grew up in,  because that’s not what her life is now at all.

“I had a strange kind of tussel writing the record, in that I had been in this place my whole life that I had ached to get out of,” she said. “I had wanted to live in a city. And then I had this experience of traveling and being in the biggest cities in the world. Coming back home, I realized that (a) where I live is beautiful, and (b) did I want to grow up? Did I want to leave the suburbs? It was sort of a weird coming-of-age thing or something.”

So what will she write about now? “Hopefully I don’t write the record which is like, ‘I’m sitting in my spa and I’m very sad,’” she joked.

Whatever you want to do, Lorde: You sing it, and we will listen.

Source: Vogue