It looks like the earthquake that shook California early this morning has shaken some celebs up, as well!

There’s a reason the movie industry is based in Southern California and not, say, Juneau, Alaska — it’s beautiful, it’s temperate, and, for the most part, not rumbling from below, so it makes plenty of sense that even stars who’ve become accustomed to the occasional earthquake still get reasonably rattled when the ground starts to quake.

The stars’ reactions varied, from terrified West Coast transplant Nicki Minaj, who said that the “unbelievable” quake made her “re-evaluate [her] entire life” to Kim Kardashian, who seemed a little less clear of what exactly had gone on, tweeting, “Earthquake was scary? Were all ok though! Anyone else feel it?” but, suffice it to say, there were very few who found the 4.4 earthquake all that fun.

Seemingly unflappable rapper Mac Miller stayed about as cool as he could, given the situation (“Earthquake woke me up. Ima make a hot dog”), but it was Jerry O’Connell who truly found the light at the end of the tectonic tunnel.

Earthquake had some positives. Woke my kids up early and we were at school on time for a first,” joked the actor.

All jokes aside, the earthquake sounds seriously scary and we’re glad to hear that everyone’s OK — if a little sleep-deprived.