Leonardo DiCaprio may not have taken home that elusive Oscar just yet, but there’s an award we want to give him: Best Coachella Dancer Ever.

While many celebrities are spending the music festival taking selfies with their floral crowns, Leo’s taking a different approach. During MGMT’s show on Saturday, Leo took the opportunity to get down with his bad self — with hilarious results.

In the video, Leonardo and his pal are covering their faces with scarves to stay incognito. Come on, Leo — do you really think we couldn’t pick you out of a crowd? The years we spent in our youth (okay, and now) obsessing over Titanic say otherwise. You’ve officially been caught!

At first, Leo just looks like a dorky dad bopping along to the music after being dragged to a concert, but then his dancing evolves into a full-blown dance-off with his friend. We had no idea Leo had these kind of moves! If he’s not careful, he’s going to give Taylor Swift a run for her money. Who would have pegged The Wolf of Wall Street actor as one to join the Coachella masses?! Who cares — we’re so glad he did.

Got a bad case of the Mondays? Check out the video below. It’s 100% guaranteed to cheer you up.

Source: YouTube