No matter how hard we cross our fingers and wish on every star that a Friends reunion is in our future, we just can’t ever see one working out. And, to be honest, neither can Courteney Cox.

When David Letterman recently asked her about the possibility of getting the gang back together to give fans a glimpse into the group’s current lives, Courteney swiftly shot down the idea. So why isn’t it happening?

“Let me tell you something: There’s six friends and I’ve been trying to put together a cast dinner for ten years. It doesn’t happen!” Courteney explained. “I can get the girls to come, maybe Matthew Perry. Matt LeBlanc canceled last time right at the last minute, Schwimmer lives here [in NYC], so it’s just not gonna happen.”

The lady has a point: If she can’t get the gang together long enough to eat dinner, how would they ever manage to film a reunion special? It sounds pretty impossible, logistically speaking.

“Once you say, ‘Well, I’d like it,’ then they have to contact every other cast member and be like, ‘Courteney’s into it!’” the 49-year-old actress said. “And then I get in trouble. It’s not going to happen.”

And the fact that Courteney is the one trying to orchestrate a Friends dinner party is so perfect. Wouldn’t Monica try to do the same thing? Joey would cancel on her, too, just like Matt. Probably because he had a hot date with some girl whose name he would never be able to remember in the morning, but whatever.  

“We did the whole show on a soundstage in Monica’s apartment,” Courteney added. “So what are you gonna do?”

Credit: NDN Photo: Why a Friends Reunion Will Never Happen According to Courteney Cox (VIDEO)