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Jessica Simpson is officially a newlywed — and marriage looks good on her!

Fresh from her wedding to Eric Johnson earlier this month, the singer shared a cute photo straight from the pool. If the bride needed a little relaxation, we don’t blame her. Zillion dollar weddings are pretty stressful, after all!

In the black and white photo, Jessica — or Jessica Johnson, as she captioned the pic — lounges in a one-piece swimsuit, drink in hand, and wears a serious expression on her face behind her black sunglasses.

Jess spent much of 2013 undergoing a serious weight loss transformation (with help from her endorsement deal from Weight Watchers) and her hard work has definitely paid off. Eating healthy and working out aren’t always fun to do, but Jessica has the body to prove it’s worth the effort!

And now that she’s turned 34, Jessica has a lot to celebrate as she begins her new life as a married couple with Eric, who’s also the father to Jessica’s super adorable kids, Maxwell and Ace. If you haven’t seen their gorgeous wedding video, you definitely need to — it puts all other celebrity weddings to shame.

Congrats, guys! If married life looks like lounging by the pool, count us in.

Source: Instagram

Credit: NDN Photo: Jessica Simpson Introduces Herself as Jessica Johnson (VIDEO)