Lady Gaga Had Woman Vomit on Her During Live SXSW Show (VIDEO)

Credit: NDN

ARTPOP just got a whole new meaning. In news of the disgusting, Lady Gaga had a woman vomit all over her in the name of art. Vomit. Art. Lady Gaga. There’s so much to process it’s making us a little queasy.

It all went down (or rather, came up) last night when Mother Monster performed at Austin’s famous festival SXSW. Sponsored by Doritos to benefit her Born This Way Foundation, the concert went gaga when the lady herself reportedly brought a “vomit painter” on stage. Said vom-itist proceeded to drink an entire bottle of what Splash News vaguely describes as “bright green liquid.”

It clearly didn’t agree with her (we’re guessing that’s the point) and the vomit painter picked Gaga as her canvas. She hurled all over the drum-playing singer, who, in case you were wondering, was wearing nothing but a black bikini. Well, at least her clothes weren’t ruined…

“I love my fans,” Lady Gaga reportedly said during the show, “because they always let me be myself and don’t care what anybody says.” They might, however, not want to stand too close to Mother Monster anytime soon.

Gaga seems to have digestion on the brain throughout yesterday’s events. She started the set off by being “roasted like a rotisserie” while dancers smeared BBQ sauce all over her. Somehow, though, Doritos didn’t get a plug...

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