Lady Gaga's Versace Ad Looks Pretty Different Without Photoshop (VIDEO)

Credit: AOL

Lady Gaga’s worn some pretty out-there styles, but her 2013 Versace ad campaign might be the craziest of them all. She’s wearing a gorgeous gown — no 3D objects included — and very natural makeup. But unfortunately, it’s made her the latest victim of Photoshop.

But now that the unretouched photos have leaked, it turns out editing after the shoot played a major role in Gaga’s campaign. Such a major role, in fact, that the un-Photoshopped Lady Gaga looks like a totally different person.

So what are the major differences? There’s the stuff you’d usually expect: Bruises on her knees have disappeared, and her skin tone takes on an ethereal glow that can only be achieved with digital help. But her already thinned arms are also slimmed down even further (and possibly also lengthened?), and her hair style and color both change completely.

And worst of all? In the original, untouched photo, it looks like the Artpop singer isn’t wearing any makeup at all. Really weird for a Versace ad, right? Or any photoshoot ever? Yep, even her makeup in the ad has been added after the fact.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to Lady Gaga — her September 2012 Vogue cover was also heavily Photoshopped.

Check out the video above to see the photos. Is the extreme Photoshop job shocking, or totally expected from a major ad campaign from a company like Versace?

Source: Huffington Post

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