Celebrities’ Worst Foot-in-Mouth Scandals (VIDEO)

Credit: NDN

We’ve got an idea for a brand new award show category for Hollywood’s rich and famous: Who Put Their Foot In It Best. Honestly, there are so many contenders for the trophy that the Academy might have a hard time picking a winner. Just think of how many people would be in the running if our fantasy honor was in fact available.

Here’s a small sampling of nominees: Paula Deen and, a latecomer to the category, Jonah Hill. Where the first got herself into hot water (she’s a cook! Get it?!) over a history of racist and sexist actions and remarks, Jonah just recently found himself in deep doo-doo after losing his temper with a paparazzo.

Justin Bieber, while perhaps not so new to issuing public apologies as Jonah is, had a similar scandal break this week. Footage of a younger Biebs (just a teen at the time cameras rolled) shows him telling a racist joke. The 20-year-old has since apologized for his former self, telling TMZ, “As a young man, I didn’t understand the power of certain words and how they can hurt.”

OK, Justin. You can take home the prize for Best Apology Made Within 24 Hours of Scandal Breaking.

Interested in who else made the list of celebrity scandals? Keep watching the video above to get your answer!

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