Celebs With Crushing Addictions… to Candy Crush!

Whether it's you, a friend, or some high school acquaintance that won't stop sending you requests, our lives have all been touched by the tragedy of Candy Crush addiction. It happens so quickly; one moment you're dinking around on your smartphone, minding your own business, and the next, you're outrunning a swarm of chocolates on a timed level. It's brutal, we know.

But take comfort — you're not alone. Even celebrities are not immune to the call of the color bomb! Stars, they're just like us: staying up until the buttcrack of dawn waiting for their lives to refill.

So who's addicted to Candy Crush? Read on — some Crush devotees may surprise you.

Oh, and if you're having trouble beating that level, let Mandy Patinkin be your guide, as he was for Jimmy Fallon back in November. There's a song and everything.