Celebs With Fake Bangs: Who Wears Faux Fringe?

Getting a new haircut can give you a whole new lease on life, but it's a commitment! If something goes wrong, it can be hard to fix until it grows back out ;— especially if the hairstyle involves bangs. They look cute on just about everyone, but they're hard to undo!

If you want to try out a pretty set of bangs but don't want to be stuck with them forever, fashion has a solution for you: clip-in bangs. The Brits call it a "winge" — a combination of "weave" and "fringe" — and celebs, from Kim Kardashian to Hayden Panettiere, have welcomed the accessory into the fashion fold.

So who's been out with fake bangs lately? We thought you'd never ask. See how false fringe works out for these celebrity ladies!