Chad Coleman Believes The Walking Dead Movie Is Coming Soon (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

Chad Coleman Believes The Walking Dead Movie Is Coming Soon (VIDEO)

The great Walking Dead movie debate is back, thanks to Chad Coleman's (Tyreese) interview with MTV Geek.

The AMC show recently finished Season 3 and just started production on Season 4. It's a monster hit in the ratings, so it's not like the creators need to worry about wrapping up Season 4 with a two-hour movie, or asking fans to give money to a Kickstarter campaign for one last gasp. This puppy could keep going for years. Some fans wonder why anyone would plan for a movie at this point, but Chad is all for the idea and hints to it possibly becoming a reality — soonish.

"As far as a Walking Dead movie's concerned, I think it should happen,” he told MTV. “I think it would be amazing. I think it would catch on like wildfire. I think everybody would love that, just as well as they talk about The Wire movie.” (Chad, like Season 4 newbie Larry Gilliard Jr., is a veteran of HBO’s The Wire.) “But I really think a Walking Dead movie is going to be in the works not too far down the road,” Chad continued, “and I think it's going to just take 'em by storm."

But what would it be about? Maybe it would be a prequel, showing some of the characters before the zombie/walker apocalypse. Comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman has talked about not wanting to do a flashback to the outbreak, since that’s the kind of thing you always see in zombie stories, but maybe he’d be OK to do that in a movie? It would be nice to see the origins of our original Atlanta group. We could see how Shane got Lori and Carl to safety, and joined up with Merle and Daryl Dixon, plus Glenn, etc. Heck, who wouldn’t love a good movie just about the Dixon bros themselves?

What do you think: movie or no movie? If you’re in favor of a movie, what should it be about?

Source: MTV Geek

05.14.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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