Chandra Wilson — From NAACP Image Awards to Grey’s Anatomy Set!
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Grey's Anatomy

Chandra Wilson — From NAACP Image Awards to Grey’s Anatomy Set!

It’s official: Grey’s Anatomy’s Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey) is our career role model. Chandra’s been busy directing an upcoming episode of Grey’s, which is obviously a huge undertaking. But did she slack off on her other obligations to get it done? No, she did not — and that’s why we love her.

Recently, Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) brought her daughter, Stella, to work with her, and somehow, Stella ended up behind the camera — in a pic she shared on Instagram, anyway!

In the photo, Stella looks like she’s deep in thought as she films a very pivotal Grey’s scene as her mom, who seems to be dressed in Mer’s scrubs, looks on with pride. Does this mean Stella has a future in entertainment, like her mom? Maybe!

So busy working it almost slipped my mind,” Ellen captioned the photo.

We absolutely love that the Grey’s cast is allowed to bring their kids to work. It must be difficult to work such long hours without getting to love on your little ones, and it also must be a cool experience for said little ones to see what happens on a TV set. Everybody wins!

Fingers crossed we get to see Stella guest star in an upcoming episode? She’d make an excellent patient, if you ask us.

Source: Instagram