Catherine Giudici Changes Name on Twitter Profile to “Catherine Lowe”!
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Catherine Giudici

Catherine Giudici Changes Name on Twitter Profile to “Catherine Lowe”!

You might have thought there couldn’t be a more official moment to declare Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici husband and wife than when he kissed the bride. But that was the old days, and in the age of social media, it ain’t real until the Twitter handle changes!

On January 27, a day after Sean and Catherine made their love known to the world on the ABC live Bachelor wedding event, Catherine made the big shift. She’s been pimping the #countdownlowedown hashtag for months, keeping time until she could snag her husband’s last name. And it’s finally here!

This morning, she somehow managed to take her mind off of her hot hubby next to her in bed next and made the big switch. “The best day of my life. I’m a Lowe!” she posted, alongside an adorable picture of her crinkle-nosed self smiling at her new hubs. And just like that, she swapped her name on her Twitter profile masthead to Catherine Lowe.

Catherine Giudici Changes Name on Twitter Profile to “Catherine Lowe”!
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Sure, her handle still has her maiden name (weirdest term ever? We think so) attached to it, but so does Ashley Hebert’s Twitter, and she’s been married over a year now! While she changed her name on the masthead to Ashley L. Rosenbaum, her handle is still @ashhebert, a fact that hubby J.P. Rosenbaum was quick to point out.

Ahem, if someone doesn't actual change her name then is this legit? #thebachelorwedding,” J.P. posted along with a shot of their “Mr. & Mrs. JP Rosenbaum” table assignment card at SeanCat’s wedding. Those crazy kids have been joking about the name thing forever, and back when we talked to them in May 2013, Ash said she might not change it after all.

What do you think of Catherine taking Sean’s last name, or Ashley not taking J.P.’s? Is it a nice tradition, or an outdated relic?

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