Game of Thrones

Besides Daario Naharis, Which Other Game of Thrones Characters Were Re-Cast? (PHOTOS)

It's a hard life out there in the Seven Kingdoms, and war can really change a person — so we can usually go ahead and suspend our disbelief when a Game of Thrones character is re-cast. It was harder to ignore Daario Naharis though, previously played by Ed Skein. His appearance did a total 180 from the Season 3 finale to the Season 4 premiere when Ed was replaced with Nashville's Michiel Huisman!

Daario wasn't the first Game of Thrones character to get a new actor, though, and odds are he won't be the last. Six major players have been replaced with different actors! With some, the change isn't entirely obvious; after all, Tommen Baratheon is a growing boy. In other cases, though, it's a little more jarring — either Rickard Karstark aged a couple of decades in under a year, or traveling with Robb Stark is super stressful. Another role has been played by three different actors over the course of three different seasons!

Read on for the Game of Thrones roles that have been re-cast and re-imagined. Some may surprise you!