Charice Is a Lesbian: Watch One Glee Star’s Stunned Reaction!
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Charice Is a Lesbian: Watch One Glee Star’s Stunned Reaction!

If you were shocked when former Glee guest star Charice (Vocal Adrenaline phenom Sunshine Corazon) came out as a lesbian... you definitely aren’t the only one. NewNowNext broke the news to co-star Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schue) this morning, and you won’t want to miss his reaction.

Watch as Matthews eyes grow wide in shock. “What?” he asks incredulously. “What??!” Then, “Daaaaang.” He pauses a moment, letting the news sink in. “Charice just came out? Wow.”

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Obviously, the Glee actor didn’t see this one coming. But don’t think for a second that he’s not supportive of his former co-star’s brave choice.

“Good for her. Like, she’s someone, I haven’t spent much time with her on set, but she’s someone who was always very grounded, and I felt like she really knew who she was. So good for you for knowing who you are.”

Sadly, not everyone has been so open to Charice’s revelation. The Filipina singer, 21, told Philippine Star that her mother and grandmother have both been having a hard time with the news. Charice is currently estranged from her mother, and is living at the home of a family friend.

However, the singer — who Oprah once labeled “the most talented girl in the world”— says she still hopes that her family will eventually come to accept her. She’s thankful for the fans who have accepted her already, and says that opening up about her sexuality has been a good thing in her life. “Now I feel free,” she says.

Source: NewNowNext

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