Charles McMansion, Tom Sandoval’s Band, Releases \
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Charles McMansion, Tom Sandoval’s Band, Releases “T.I.P.” Music Video


Don’t worry, everyone. We’ve found your new musical obsession.


Charles McMansion, a duo made up of Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval and Isaac Kappy, just released their first-ever music video, “T.I.P.” (that’s “Touch in Public”), and we’re going to keep it on repeat forever.


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What first begins as a calm library setting quickly turns into an orgy of folks from all walks of life getting their groove thang on and, yes, touching themselves in public.  It’s a wild dance party that would definitely get The Lonely Island’s stamp of approval.

Another reason to watch? Tom’s IRL girlfriend — and Vanderpump Rules co-star — Ariana Madix stars in the music video and is just as hilarious as the two lead singers.


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Oh, and the band has the coolest T-shirt promoting the song and Tom stopped by the Wetpaint offices to show it off:

Watch the video above, and stay tuned to Wetpaint for more fun Vanderpump videos.

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