Originals Star Charles Michael Davis Hopes Marbekah Becomes the Next MerDer
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The Originals

Originals Star Charles Michael Davis Hopes Marbekah Becomes the Next MerDer

When you’re part of a television series, especially on the CW, shipping is just part of the game. So far on The Originals, we have two solid ships — Marcel and Rebekah (Marbekah) and Elijah and Hayley (Haylijah) — but when it comes to shipping, Charles Micheal Davis has a clear favorite: Marbekah, duh!

Sure, Marcel and Rebekah’s star-crossed love story has spanned centuries, but can these two really rank up there with some of the most epic TV ships? (We’re looking at you Buffy/Angel, Joey/Pacey, Ross/Rachel, and Damon/Elena.) Charles Michael Davis seems hopeful.

"I hope it ranks up there with all the great ones — from McSteamy and Doctor Grey to Lois Lane and Clark Kent,” he told Zap2it.

Well, Marbekah certainly has enough drama for an epic love story. These two may love each other, but so far, they’ve failed at making things work. We recently learned that Marcel and Rebekah conspired against Klaus in 1919 — a decision that nearly killed Marcel and drove Rebekah out of New Orleans for nearly a century. Needless to say, these lovebirds don’t have the best track record, especially when it comes to Klaus. However, Marcel seems determined to save Rebekah from Klaus’ wrath. But will he end up choosing his empire over Rebekah once the dust is settled?

"That's going to be the test," CMD told Zap2it. "I think it's a man torn between what he feels like is his purpose and the love of his life. So it's going to be a tough test."

Seeing as Klaus wants nothing more than to kill Marcel at this point, we doubt Marcel will be siding with his former mentor anytime soon. But with a huge Mikaelson secret on the brink of being revealed by Elijah, there might be yet another hurdle for Marbekah to cross.

Catch the next episode of The Originals on Tuesday, March 11 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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