Charlie White Chops Off His Beautiful Hair! See New Look (PHOTO)
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Dancing With The Stars

Charlie White Chops Off His Beautiful Hair! See New Look (PHOTO)

Those perfect curls — gone!

Charlie White just went from winning a gold medal with Meryl Davis in the Sochi Olympics to almost making the Finals of Dancing With the Stars Season 18. We always figured his angelic curls were part of his charm, and his power, but there’s more to Charlie than just his hair (and his odd knack for losing props during dances). Besides, it’s almost summer and plenty of people are cutting their hair for a big change.

Charlie White Chops Off His Beautiful Hair! See New Look (PHOTO)
Credit: Charlie White on Instagram    

On that note, Charlie teased a bit of a new look when sharing a photo over the weekend; afterward, he tweeted, “Didn't mean to cause a twitter firestorm, but my hair is indeed radically different! Haha- I'm sure we'll put a few pictures up tomorrow?!”

On Monday, he shared the photo shown at left, writing, "Here it is! Hopefully didn't disappoint anyone- but I needed to change it up for vaca! With Tanith and the culprit who cut it- Gjoni Camaj!"

It actually looks pretty great! Speaking of fellow ice dancer Tanith Belbin, she is Charlie’s girlfriend, and they just moved into a new place. As Charlie also recently tweeted, "Just finished move into our new house! Left a note on a broken mirror in the basement of our old place that read ‘very haunted, do not use.'" Ha! Thanks for the tip.

So Charlie is doing all kinds of new things this spring. But one thing that hasn’t changed is his partnership with Meryl Davis, which extends off the ice and into ads like this:

There's always time for more product placement!

What do you think of Charlie's new hair? He had it slicked-back on occasion during Season 18, but now there's very little to slick. Do you approve? He's a cutie patootie either way, but do you prefer the curls or this side buzz look?

Sources: Charlie on Twitter, Instagram