Charlie White “Disappointed” to Leave DWTS, Felt Meryl Davis Battle Was “Contrived”
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Dancing With The Stars

Charlie White “Disappointed” to Leave DWTS, Felt Meryl Davis Battle Was “Contrived”

Charlie White and Sharna Burgess had so much more to offer fans on Dancing With the Stars Season 18. They were saving some great tricks for the Finale but, as Sharna told E! News, that was a lesson learned: Don’t save anything for the end.

The Olympic ice dancing champion and his new Aussie friend for life were cut at the Semifinals, narrowly missing the final four.

After the Week 9 show, Charlie told Glamour he was "definitely disappointed" to be leaving. He added, "there's things I was definitely looking forward to doing in the finale that would have been really special. I would have loved to have redeemed myself with the Rumba that the judges wanted to see again and also the Freestyle that Sharna had planned. But just getting the chance to dance competitively with Sharna would have been the most exciting thing."

The Semifinals made a meal out of putting the three Olympians “in jeopardy,” and if you questioned the authenticity of having the “not necessarily the bottom two” be ice dancer vs. ice dancer, you’re not alone. E! News asked Charlie if a part of him was hoping, at that point, that Meryl Davis would be the one to leave, and if there were any hard feelings that he had to go while she stayed.

"No, not at all!" Charlie said. "The thing is, you don't know if it's always the bottom two. Honestly to me, that felt contrived. I wasn't happy that they pitted me against Meryl like that. But I think that certainly our love triumphs over what makes for an interesting moment. I love that girl. We have been through 17 years and won an Olympic gold medal. So even though it looked like we were up there facing off against each other, it was never the case."

Aww! Their love triumphs over all. Not that kind of love, though, since Charlie talked to Glamour about the house he just bought with girlfriend Tanith Belbin. That’s part of what’s next for him, in addition to a trip to Hawaii. But of course he and Sharna will be back for the Finals next week.

Are you disappointed that Charlie and Sharna didn’t make the final four? Did you find that “bottom two” situation “contrived” as well? Let us know in the comments below.

DWTS Season 18 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Sources: E! News, Glamour

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